Drawing on an extensive 25-year experience of our Founder in senior management, policy leadership, and national opinion forming – and strong links to hundreds of leading C-Suite contacts across business, policy making and media, , Octavian Advisory offers an exciting range of integrated services with expert partners, including:

  • Adapting your business strategy rapidly to the new commercial, financial and technological realities of the post Covid-19 economy
  • Advising on and designing and delivering internal business policies to meet strategic change requirements quickly and cohesively
  • Bespoke campaigns to target new business through effective business development and client management campaigns.
  • Sourcing, adaptation and integration of digital and analytic solutions to drive business growth
  • Training senior management and staff in change management

In doing so we offer

  • Speed and proactivity
  • Public Affairs and Regulatory support
  • Technology mindset
  • An organisation wide approach, understanding that strategy developed at the top needs to be informed by on the ground realities